Front-end Design

Whether you know exactly how you want your website to be or simply know the way it should 'feel', we can deliver results that make an impact. We're about beautiful, unique and engaging user experiences and interfaces that work across every device.

Back-end Design

We work with the latest and most trusted technology to provide lightning fast, nimble and powerful back-end architecture for any project, big or small. Worried that your website won't be able to handle an increase in traffic? With Lumberstack, we ensure that your website and back-end functionality is able to handle anything you and your customers may throw at it.


Third party apps and services can provide great solutions, but they do come with their limitations. That's where we come in. Whether it's as simple as making your eCommerce platform talk to your accounting software or building a customised web-app from the ground up, Lumberstack can turn your idea into reality, and bring our own to the table for good measure.

Payment Gateways

Wanting to accept online payments? We'll get you set up with the leading online payment providers in no time. Whether you're selling a single product or offering a subscription service, ask us how we can help bring your vision to life!


With Australians spending more than $21.3b per year (and growing) through online shopping, an eCommerce store is a must have for any forward-thinking retail business. ‍ We'll bring the online store, you bring the goods.

Security Management

64% of companies worldwide have experienced web-based attacks. We can help you protect your business data and finances.

Data & Email

Looking to move your email or file storage to the cloud? ‍ Do you need to set up off-site backups to increase redundancy? Whatever the data, the management of it is our jam.

Automated Scheduling

Spending too much time arranging appointments with your clients? Let's automate the process so you can spend more time doing what you're great at.

User Analytics

By gaining deep and authentic insights into how your customers are engaging with your platform, you're equipped to take the guess work out of your marketing and content decisions.

Search Engine

Your beautiful new website's up and running. But what good is it if no-one can find it? Optimising your website design and content is key in ensuring your content is placed in front of the right audience. We'll simplify the process.

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